W – Working with Others

Working with Others is a powerful tool here at Whitestar. We encourage all our players at Whitestar to work together in developing a solid unit and play as a team. Playing as a team guarantees you success which is the basic ingredients to success.

H – Hardworking

Hardworking is an additional potent tool in our ingredient to success, as working hard determines on the individual. So we try our to instil this philosophy into our players. This offers the players a chance to develop further in their footballing careers, and in their educational fields, as working hard guarantees a brighter future for them in their future careers

I – Ideas

We encourage all the players to follow their coaches’ ideas as it will aid in their development and also enhance in their improvement both tactically and technically. As creative ideas leads to success, if built on can take you to another level in your career as a footballers and in their futures.

T – Technique

At Whitestar we believe that technique is a vital element to success along with flair and creativity as the club ensures that players’ enjoy themselves whilst on the pitch and also implement these skills being applied during training and in a game situation. The right technique can act as an advantage in helping the player to move ahead in the game. Prior to this, it is ideal that players apply the right technique and flair during a game situation to progress further, creating space to exploit.

E – Equal Opportunity

Here at Whitestar every members of the club is treated equally whether your race, gender, religion or disability. We endeavour that everyone is treated equally as we are all one and we do everything as one. Whitestar will not tolerate any abusive language or any words targeted to any members of the club as any such behaviour will be dealt with by the senior members of the club.

S – Skills

At Whitestar we believe that skills and technique are a fundamental tool to success along with flair and creativity as we ensure that the player enjoy themselves whilst on the pitch and demonstrate their skills to create and opportunity to express themselves when needed. However we believe going overboard with your skills can destabilise what the team tries to achieve, which we ensure skills are only used when necessary to move ahead in a game. We try to encourage the players to try to be inventive with their skills to interchange and play the ball around, whilst been versatile with their feet’s and also developing their controlling and passing skills

T – Tolerance

Whitestar has a o% tolerance of bad behaviour , which is not accepted at the club if any of the players or staff are known to this, the club will deal with the matter accordily as all players and staffs at Whitestar has a duty of professionalism and care to each other as we are all ambassadors to the club.

A – Attitude

We encourage all the players to have a positive attitude as it is deemed a major asset in ensuring this is followed accordily. A positive attitude will help you to succeed in whatever you undertake so as to why this has been coached to the players from their youthful ages. To become a professional / academy footballer it is vital to have the right attitude both on and off the football pitch along with good attributes and in the players’ everyday life.

R – Respect

Respect for one another is another vital tool for success. Here at Whitestar we ensure that every members of the club from staff to players show respect to each other as disrespect to one another will not be tolerated at the club. We as a club also like to show respect to the referee and others around and outside of the club.