Club History


WhiteStar Youth Football Club was founded by Abdullah Mohammed in 2003; The name Whitestar originated from the founding father’s country as the star on the club crest came from the Somalian national flag. However the Club has embraced other ethnic groups to form the club. Thus far the name Whitestar has had a dominating career ever since and has also expanded from been 1 team to have as many teams as 11 teams which tells for itself.

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The club plays at The East London & Essex Junior Football League (ELE League) based in Wanstead Flats East London (at Capel Road E7 0JU and Harrow Road Site E11 3QD). Due to our excellent running of the club it has seen the new Under 10’s crowned as League Leaders in the year 2008 and 2009 season whilst also been unbeaten in the 2011/ 12 season due to the hardwork from the coaching staff in developing the players. Whitestar U8s, U10s, U11s, and U14s have all won trophies which demonstrates the great team spirit and believe our players at the club posses as they have the believe that they can all go far and achieve great things as a team and also for the club.  The club is proud of its success so far, as our success helps the club to move in a positive direction which enables the coaches of the club to feel proud in coaching these youth’s prodigies. The fundamental principle of our status is to offer everybody in grass roots football a high-quality, safe and an enjoyable experience, which is nationally recognized in football worldwide”.


Whitestar Youth FC continually develops youngsters in the world of football to reach their potential as we also enable youths to reach their dreams and keep them off the streets. We at the  club are proud of our attractive style of football along with its attacking qualities which is being emulated throughout the club from Under 6’s level to Under 16’s.