Our Mission

Our focus is mainly on young people who are disadvantaged geographically, environmentally, socially, personally or academically; who have negative attitude towards learning as well as those being at risk of gangs and crime. Our organisation seek to provide programmes and initiatives that will enhance young people’s personal, social, and employment capabilities. Within these programmes and initiatives we, intend to encourage and support in the raising of young people’s self esteem and aspirations. We as an organisation are committed to the personal development and positive progression of our young people in the community.

 Our Objectives

* To enhance and promote education and social inclusion through sport and personal development.

* To promote and encourage health and well being.

* To assist in the development of young people through training and employability so that they become valuable members of the community.

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Our Aims

* To connect with young people through sport or other such activities.

* To provide a safe environment for young people to express themselves and channel their energy in a positive and poductive manner.

* To facilitate positive relationships between young people, parents and the wider community.

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